Training in ISAE 3402

The Coporate Governance Institute offers the basic training for ISAE 3402 in collaboration with Constitute Training and Education. On the website of Constitute you can subscribe for both classical and e-learning courses. the main training objectives of this intensive course are:

Understanding: understand the content and structure of ISAE 3402.
Application: learn how to apply the ISAE 3402 standard in your organization.
Growth: use ISAE 3402 to improve activities.

The training provides insight in the following subjects:

ISAE standard | Content:

  • What is ISAE3402?
  • Outlines standard
  • Structure and background
  • Contents of the ISAE3402 standard
  • Relationship to COSO (ERM)

ISAE3402 reporting | Structure and contents

  • ISAE3402 reports: style and content
  • Advantages and practical application
  • ISAE3402 and IT
  • Effective internal control
  • ISAE3402 hosting and cloud services

Implementation ISAE3402 | Approach

  • Application ISAE3402 standard
  • How to implement ISAE3402 in my organization
  • Progressive scheme
  • ISAE and the accountant