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The Corporate Governance Institute offers soc1, soc2, and security awareness training courses in collaboration with Competance professional eLearning. These courses are provided as eLearning for individuals or bespoke solutions for the organization in a blended form (eLearning + direct contact). The SOC1 and SOC2 courses focus on understanding the standards and applying these in practice. The primary focus of the security awareness courses is to support your organization in informing your co-workers about cyber security risks and managing these risks effectively in your organization.

SOC1 course

The SOC1 course is focused on the background and evolution of the SOC1 standard and its relation with ISAE 3402. You will understand the impact of SOC1 on your organization and will acquire guidelines on how to implement SOC1 in your organization. You will understand how to design the control framework, get specific guidelines on implementing the related controls, and achieve adequate and effective controls within your organization.

SOC2 course

The SOC2 course goes into depth about the SOC2 standard. The SOC2 standard focuses on a business's non-financial reporting controls. It will provide detailed guidelines for implementing the trust service criteria (the requirements for SOC2) and the design of the control framework. The SOC2 course will provide clear guidelines and assistance for implementing the trust service criteria and the related controls in your organization.

Security Awareness Course

A cyber security awareness course for your employees is an excellent first step in preventing cyber risks. This course delivers a consistent, interactive, and comprehensive message to your staff to make aware of, prevent and control cyber threats. It will provide guidelines to encourage employees to display positive security behaviors when their working environment. Further, practical guidance will be provided on how to behave to remediate cyber attacks.

COSO ERM course

This COSO ERM course offers you a unique opportunity to develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring a system of internal control in today's technology-driven world. During this course, you will learn to assess the maturity of an internal control framework. You will learn to implement and apply the fundamental concepts of the COSO framework. You will learn to identify, assess and respond to risks in your organization and translate these risks into improving the control framework and detailed controls in the organization.


Company leaders support and regulate governance consisting of policies, rules and controls. Effective and efficient governance must be well-organized, effective risk management and transparent.


Our Courses

The extensive SOC 1 training provides insight into the impact of SOC 1 (ISAE 3402). All facets of SOC 1 are discussed step by step: structure, form, and content of the report. Find out which steps your organization should follow when implementing the new standard.
The extensive SOC 2 training provides insight into the impact of SOC 2 (ISAE 3000). All facets of SOC 2 are discussed step by step: structure, form, and content of the report. Find out which steps your organization should follow when implementing the new standard.
The extensive COSO training provides insight into the impact of COSO enterprise risk management. This training will teach you the direct relationship between an organization’s strategic, operational, and compliance objectives. The training helps you to gain insight into different components of internal control and the necessity of the control environment and communication.

Why eLearning?

eLearning is a great way of teaching where everyone can learn at their own pace. It is no longer necessary to refer to a newspaper or magazine in order to find information. For these reasons, it is now widely used by almost all types of organizations. eLearning is beneficial for everyone. These training methods are extremely flexible. You can read the texts at your own pace and finish them whenever you want. Did you miss something? That does not matter because you can repeat often with eLearning. You can follow the training on all devices. eLearnings are also cost-effective, as you do not have to spend any extra costs on travel.